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October 2021
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BRAIN: The Analysis of E-Commerce Sites with Eye-Tracking Technologies

In this era of technology, it cannot come as a surprise that E-Commerce sites have become a significant part of the user’s online activity. In order for these websites to remain relevant to the visitors over long periods of time, attention should be brought to their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to their interactivity dimensions. The study The Analysis of E-Commerce Sites with Eye-Tracking Technologies – written by O. Dospinescu and A. E. Percă-Robu – is examining the effects of the interactivity dimensions on users’ content comprehension and their attitudes towards e-commerce websites by using eye-tracking technologies.

Various fields use the eye tracking technology to assess the visual attention, but when considering the decision-making process, the specialized literature acknowledge that the eye movements are directly linked to peoples’ cognitive goals. By investigating the website’s interactivity dimensions, the authors explore the visual process and drawing the time spent on the site or on various regions of it. Dospinescu and Percă-Robu assume that a high level of interactivity leads to a favourable attitude towards the website, therefore it is important for the content creators to pay attention to the ease of use and the visual elements of their E-Commerce bussiness.

Eye Tribe Tracker
Eye Tribe Tracker


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