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January 2022
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BRAIN Journal: Assessment of the Contributions and Psychological Damages of Technology to the Education at Schools by the Individuals in These Schools

As we live, we all start to notice the impact technology has on our lives. No matter where we go, we are surrounded by it. Our lives became easier thanks to technology, but also a series of disadvantages emerged, like the reduction of social interaction or the loss of contact with the real world. The paper Assessment of the Contributions and Psychological Damages of Technology to the Education at Schools by the Individuals in These Schools written by researcher Behcet Öznacar tries to grasp on the impact technology has on the educational field. The fact that technology is functional, it is shared and spread over and used in all our life shows how much the use of technology is important in the education field (Şişman & İzmirli 2012). Behcet agrees that students and also parents should embrace technology together with education. But what is educational technology?

Assessment_Contributions_Psychological_Damages_Technology_Education_Schools_Individuals (more…)

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