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January 2022
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About us


Academia EduSoft

Academia EduSoft is a brand name. It represents the unification of the academic branches of Asociatia EduSoft (NGO) and EduSoft Limited company. You can see information about the two entities at the bottom of this page.

Starting with 2010, we edit and publish 3 academic journals for scholars around the world. These journals are indexed by various international indexing services, like Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics / Thomson-Reuters). EBSCO, DOAJ, Google Scholar, CiteSeerX etc.

Our journals are interdisciplinary and they cover three main domains of science:

The aim of this journal is to create links between researchers from apparently different scientific fields, such as Computer Science and Neurology. In fact, there are a lot of topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences that can intersect in the study of the brain and its intelligent functions.

The aim of this journal is to make an agora of different experts in economics, social and political sciences. We publish articles from experts in different scientific and practical fields, like accounting, marketing, management, economics, trade, trade law, finance, operations research, optimization, graph theory, game theory, voting, political communication, sociology etc.

LiBRI. Linguistic and Literary Broad Research and Innovation” is an international journal for specialists in linguistics, literature, cultural studies, and related fields. The papers should be original unpublished papers, written in English or French.« LiBRI.

Linguistic and Literary Broad Research and Innovation » est une revue à caractère international qui s’adresse aux spécialistes de la linguistique, de la littérature, des études culturelles et des domaines connexes. Les papiers doivent être originaux, inédits, écrits en anglais ou en français.

Also, we organize the international conference SMART.

SMART – Scientific Methods in Academic Research and Teaching is an international conference that brings together specialists in Social Media, Education, Informatics, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, in order to create a proper environment for debates regarding the use of new technologies and of the most creative strategies in research, higher education and other fields.The acronym SMART was also used in the previous editions of the conference (Bacau – 2013Timisoara – 2014 and Voronet (Gura Humorului) – 2015), when it stood for “Social Media in Academia: Research and Teaching”. Since our conference in 2016, held in Timisoara, the acronym SMART is used for Scientific Methods in Academic Research and Teaching

Starting with year 2016, the conference focuses on the topics related to our academic journal, BRAIN – Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (indexed in Web of Science).


The topics of the SMART conference are various: Ant systems, Artificial Immune Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial vision., Bayesian Networks, Behavioral Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Cellular Neuroscience, Chaos theory, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Robotics, Cognitive Science, Computational Neuroscience, Cybernetics, Data Mining, Economic sciences, Education, ELearning, Electrophysiology, Evolutionary robotics, Expert systems, Facial recognition, Fuzzy systems,Genetic Algorithms, Genetics, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Informatics, Knowledge representation, Linguistics, Logic, Mathematics, Mental simulation, Molecular biology, Multiagent systems, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Neurodiversity, Neuroethics, Neuroimaging, Neurology, Neurophenomenology, Neurophysiology, Neurosurgery, Optical Character Recognition, Pattern recognition, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Political sciences, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Psychology, Sociology, Speech recognition, Statistics, Theories of Learning a.o.

General data

Asociația EduSoft  (NGO)

  • founded on November 20, 2015
  • registered at position 57/A/2015 in Registrul asociațiilor și fundațiilor ținut în grefa Judecătoriei Bacău,
  • fiscal number (code) / VAT number / Codul de înregistrare fiscală (C.I.F.) 35276590.
  • bank and IBAN: Banca Raiffeisen Bank Bacau, Romania, IBAN: RO79RZBR0000060018249327
  • Official address: Romania, Bacau, str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 1, 600258.
  • Work address: Romania, Bacau, str. 9 Mai, nr. 82, sc. C, ap. 13, 600065
  • Websites:
    • http://academia.edusoft.ro/
    • https://www.edusoft.ro/asociatia-edusoft/
  • founders: Bogdan Patrut, PhD (president), Monica-Paulina Patrut, PhD (vice-president), Otilia Paval (general secretary)

SC EduSoft SRL (company)

  • founded on May 2, 2002
  • registered with number J04/05/2002 in Registrul Oficiului Comertului, judetul Bacau,
  • fiscal number (code) / VAT number / Codul de înregistrare fiscală (C.I.F.): 14563837.
  • bank and IBAN: Banca Raiffeisen Bank Bacau, Romania, IBAN:
  • Official address: Romania, Bacau, str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 1, 600258.
  • Work address: Romania, Bacau, str. 9 Mai, nr. 82, sc. C, ap. 13, 600065
  • Websites:
    • http://academia.edusoft.ro/
    • https://www.edusoft.ro
  • owners: Bogdan Patrut, PhD, Frasina Patrut