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August 2017
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LiBRI: Obsessive Contradictions in ”Pădurea Spânzuraților”

“Pădurea Spânzuraţilor” written by Liviu Rebreanu is a complex novel whose fundamental theme is the inner conflict. The paper Obsessive Contradictions in ”Pădurea spânzuraților” written by Florentina Gabriela Stroe is aimed at highlighting the protagonist’s struggle to regain balance and analyzes the contradictions which occour in his mindset.

Film Adaptation: Forest of the Hanged
Film Adaptation: Forest of the Hanged (1965)

The Romanian writer Liviu Rebreanu published his work in 1922. It was partly inspired by the experience of his brother, an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army, who was hanged for espionage and desertion during World War I. The criticism of those times were very favorable for the novel and critics like Eugen Lovinescu affirmed that it is the best Romanian psychological novel and also a methodical study powered by precise facts and incidents pushed beyond the rational netting, deep inside the subconscious. No less was said by George Călinescu, who sees the novela as a monography of an agonizing incertitude, in which the main charater illustrates the psychology of the mediocre soul controlled by two different attitudes imposed from the outside.

In the present article the author remarks that Liviu Rebreanu proved to be a genuine analyst of consciousness states, being able to empathize with his brother’s emotions and hidden thoughts. It is also highlighted the writer’s power to relieve his own feelings and at the same time design a novel that depicts accurately the grievous atmosphere surrounding the war.

The final part of the novel is considered to be the most striking due to the reactionary aspects of a condemned death. This tragic death gives the impression of a struggle that was meaningless. Even so, it does not diminish the presence of a hero.

Therefore, we can safely affirm that the novel is a literary masterpiece which rebuildis the atmosphere created around World War I, without imitating it.

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Emilia Șteț