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July 2017
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BRAIN: Cursor Movement – a Valuable Indicator in Intelligent System Design

It is safe to affirm that in the present days, digital devices have become indispensable. However, the emotional state of the users of said devices tends to be ignored or considered a dispensable input. In order for a technology to be efficient, it is required to develop it in concordance with the humans’ emotional states when put in contact with said technology.


Cursor Movement – a Valuable Indicator in Intelligent System Design approaches this issue by introducing an innovative method of improving the analysis of digital device efficiency: cursor movement. This paper – written by Versavia-Maria Ancusa and Ciprian-Maniu Dragoe – aims to present a method used to read user behavior in a working computer environment.

The study takes place on 77 volunteers, which have been hypnotised in order to isolate each of the selected emotional states: relaxation and stress. The application that measures the way the users interact with the PC mouse simulates a simple strategy game. Each of the 77 individual responses were evaluated using the mouse acceleration (reaction) and the number of mouse clicks as indicators for one’s emotional state.

The conclusion of the experiment shows a fundamental difference in the cognitive mode: relaxation allows more targets to be hit, albeit reaching them slowly, while stress favors reaching the target faster, but less accurate. The whole purpose of the test was to determine if emotional states can be identified easily, without adding hardware costs. Since the result was positive in this direction, the authors aim to apply this knowledge in the software interface design.

This idea will continue to be developed by adding more emotional states to the study, as well as injecting some diversity in the testing lot. Game makers could adopt the cursor movement strategy to further improve their products and appeal a lot more to the public.

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