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July 2017
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BRAIN: Solving Optimization Problem via Vortex Optimization Algorithm and Cognitive Development Optimization Algorithm

The article written by Ahmet Demir from Harahalli Vocational School, Usak University, Ușak, Turkey and Utku Kose from Computer Sciences Application and Research Center, Usak University, Ușak, Turkey is a research which takes into account the importance of optimization and of solving its problems. They propose intelligent optimization techniques based on Artificial Intelligence in order to use them for optimization problems. So that they can provide a comparative study on the employment of classical optimization solutions and Artificial Intelligence solutions, two optimization algorithms are proposed: Vortex Optimization Algorithm (VOA) and Cognitive Development Optimization Algorithm (CoDOA).

Flow chart of the VOA
Flow chart of the VOA

Optimization is defined as choosing the best set of alternatives for a certain thing, but also taking some rules into consideration. It is not important just in science, but in real life, too. A lot of fields in our life function now according to different applications which use optimization. But things do not stop here. Optimization also brings certain problems with it, as it is constantly changing. Consequently, different advanced optimization solutions have been introduced in time.

Vortex Optimization Algorithm is an intelligent optimization technique which is inspired from vortex flows in nature. VOA simulates some dynamics occured in the context of vortex nature. It has more steps which have to be followed, resulting in obtaining the best values within the loop, which are the optimum solutions.

Cognitive Development Optimization Algorithm is also an intelligent optimization technique which includes simple algorithmic steps and equations. They shape a solution frame inspired from Piaget’s Theory on Cognitive Development. Initialization Phase, Socialization Phase, Maturation Phase, Rationalizing Phase and Balancing Phase are the phases on which CoDOA is grounded.

In order to help the readers understand better the way in which Optimization Problems can be solved via VOA and CoDOA, the researchers solved problems from Thomas’ Calculus 11th Edition. But, to have a more precise explanation and answer, the results obtained after using the algorithm were compared with the solutions provided in the solution manual of Thomas’ Calculus book.

Concluding, after analizing the problems, the researchers admitted that the obtained results demonstrate that the Artificial Intelligence and the techniques have an effective role on providing desired optimization results. They save time on solving complex problems, because of the power of computers and mathematically – logically improved solution steps. More than that, the authors also plan to use the techniques on solving more advanced optimization problems in mathematics and on comparing the results with other strong solution ways.

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