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April 2017
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BRAIN: Image Finder Mobile Application Based on Neural Networks

Technology has become more than a phenomenon used for innovation, it is now a science put in the service of making human life easier. If in the past, taking a picture of yourself required a voluminous camera with an obscure chamber, nowadays we have our cameras to ourselves for they are incorporated in our gadgets. Therefore, we take pictures of everything we see – recording reality is just one swipe away and ready in the blink of an eye. However, sometimes is difficult to skim through thousands of photos in order to find a specific one. Nabil M. Hewahi and Saira Rashid from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bahrain propose in the latest issue of BRAIN an application set to find a specific picture based upon some drawn hints.

The methodology used for this research
The methodology used for this research

This new application would prove itself much useful to the ones having a great number of photos and images stocked on their mobile phones. It is as simple as drawing something related to the image you’re looking for, for example, a house, a cat, and the application will automatically generate the picture you wanted to find. This application would work with the air of no more than two Artificial Neural Networks: one is used to recognize the hand drawn sketches made by users while the other is trained to identify the images. The experiments made by the two researchers conclude in the application being able to reach 100% rate of recognizing the drawings and 84% rate of identifying the images.

As it is cited, people take nowadays up to ten times more pictures than they used to in the past, therefore this new application would be not only useful, but rather necessary. It is important to keep en eye on these small but rather complicated innovations, for they might contribute to the great discoveries of tomorrow.

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