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April 2017
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BRAND: A Variety of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. The Contract of Consumption

As our society is more and more interested in consumption, Radu Ursanu, professor at The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi proposed an analysis on how the state could guarantee fair regulations for people’s consumption habits.

With political instability, diplomatic conflicts and unexpected events, the world has become a less safe place. There is a free market of goods which, in the new global context, has to be controlled in order to maintain the consumer’s safety. And that happens because people’s interest in buying or selling has increased due to the variety of products and prices. The contract of consumption is a way of ensuring that both customer and seller are in a safe and lawful relation.


This type of contract, though not a general established form of a document, is a direction in which the entire consumption industry is going. In present, we can only speak about selling and buying contracts, documents created to implement certain rules between the protagonists of the commercial transaction.

However, among the things that need to be clarified is the whether there is a legal frame in which this type of contract can be created, or whether it is a new concept that needs a specialized law context.  The article discusses the steps that would need to be made in order to implement this contract and also the legal forms that need to be followed in order to make this concept take shape in reality.

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