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March 2017
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BRAND: The Notoriety of Brands on the Romanian Market among Youth

The last article from the seventh volume (issue 1) of BRAND is a research conducted by Laura Cătălina Ţimiras, entitled The Notoriety of Brands on the Romanian Market among Youth.

The main and most common marketing strategy used nowadays is publicity. Making the brand known and well-advertised seems to have overshadowed the struggles of getting a qualitative product. This research brings into light the notorious brands (by product category) that catch the youngsters’ attention. The importance given to every item is not only enhanced by commercials but also by trends that emerge within a certain group of people. The central goal for all the advertising schemes is brand awareness. Practical knowledge of the target public is the base to creating a powerful brand image. It is very rare when somebody chooses the less popular brand to the detriment of the most popular one.


The method proving the thesis of the research was the survey. One hundred people (students from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, aged between 18 and 30 years old) had to answer a self-administrated questionnaire.

The results of the research indicated that the best known Romanian brand representing the food category is Pambac. In the category of alcoholic drinks, the top position is occupied by two brands: Cotnari and Ciuc. When compared to alcoholic drinks, the food brands are less famous, as it results from the number of choices given by the target group of the research.

In conclusion the research shows that Romanian brands are not very famous – except the category of food and alcoholic drinks – when it comes to product categories such as cosmetics, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, footwear, electronics and home appliances, and cars, taking in consideration the fact that only one Romanian brand was named by at least five participants. This study represents indicative data for the companies, who want to launch a new brand. Also spreading the news about the existence of a new product should represent the basic principle in gaining popularity.

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Andreea Toma