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BRAND: The Legal Regulation of the Substitution of the Budgetary Credit Release Authority

Ionel Bostan brings forward some improvements to be taken into account regarding the modification of legal norms which should ensure at least the functioning of the local authorities without elected officials.

Basic needs of inhabitants are ought to be fulfilled by the central and local Governmental administration, through the system of public institutions. For this reason, the public budget is the one who supports the management and well-functioning.



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    In the latest volume of the BRAND, Darwanis Darwanis, Mulia Saputra and Kartini Kartini prove to what extent the condition of financial reporting area is influenced by the professionalism, competence, knowledge of financial management and coaching intensity Inspectorate officers. Public liability was implemented as result of the numerous demands of the people for a better governing system. Multiple monitoring actions have been initiated, in order to ensure that the administrative programs are developing accordingly to legal norms and provisions of the legislation. LKPD is mirroring the level of quality of financial accountability for the modalities of implementation of the budget.…
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BRAND: Indian Kisan Credit Card Scheme: An Analytical Study

In the latest volume of the BRAND, Dharmendra Mehta, Hitendra Trivedi, and Naveen K Mehta will not only explain the key features and assess the role and contribution of Kisan credit card scheme but also they will show us how to effectively implement this scheme.

Kisan Credit Card
Kisan Credit Card

Most of Indians are living in rural environments, and their survival is conditioned by climatic factors which influence the agriculture. The Indian economy is massively affected by the outcome of agricultural actions. Hence, the economic stability of India is determined by two elements: the Mansoon and the credit. As the Mansoon cannot be controlled by human forces, credit allowance for agricultural purposes was first highly disregarded by the banks. Although, bills such as food security suggest that agriculture will remain the main strategy for the progress of India on the economic and sociologic level. (more…)