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March 2016
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BRAND: A Neuro Solution for Economic Diagnosis and Prediction

The paper introduces an answer for the financial action advancement analytic and expectation by method for an arrangement of pointers. Beginning from the markers set, there is characterized a measure on the examples set, measure speaking to a scalar esteem that describes the action investigated every minute.

An example is characterized by the estimations of the pointers set at a given time. Over the classes set acquired by method for the characterization and acknowledgment procedures is characterized a connection that permits the representation of the advancement from negative development towards positive development.

The conceptual diagram for diagnostic and prediction
The conceptual diagram for diagnostic
and prediction

For the diagnostic and prediction the accompanying tools are utilized: design acknowledgment and multilayer perceptron executed in the REFORME programming composed by the author and the consequences of the investigation acquired with this product for macroeconomic indicative and forecast amid the years 2005-2012 for analytic and 2013-2014 for expectation.

The evaluations of the improvement level for a particular movement can be done by utilizing the investigation of the advancement of the pointers portraying both the quantitative level and the subjective transformations in time. The issues identified with indicative and forecast are understood utilizing design acknowledgment systems and the multilayer perceptron, actualized by the REFORME programming.

The information comparing to the development in time, for the action considered, are prepared utilizing the techniques as of now specified, strategies evaluating the general advancement pattern of the pointers. The yield is a subjective variable (classes or D(x)) speaking to the consequence of the evaluation

The paper portrays a strategy that evaluates and speaks to the development of the monetary movement. Beginning from an arrangement of pointers that portrays the monetary action, are characterized a scalar D(x) that permits to quantify an action depicted by the x designs and a request connection “<” over the arrangement of classes came about utilizing unsupervised characterization procedures for the graphical representation of the movement advancement utilizing classes. One of the strategies utilized for taking care of indicative and forecast issues is the relapse investigation.

On account of straight frameworks the relapse approach has pragmatic importance. In light of their capacity to distinguish nonlinear conditions in the info information set, neural systems speak to a productive distinct option for the current strategies. The acquired results affirm that expectation for an abbreviate timeframe (1 year) is precisely, yet for a drawn out stretch of time the outcomes are around. So as to accomplish exact long haul forecast, a transient expectation is completed first and after that a different stage retraining of the neural system is finished.

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Diana-Elena Melinte