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BRAND: Dynamics of the number of participants in the private pension

Tudor Colomeischi and Eugenia Iancu have done a stimulating research on the Dynamics of the number of participants in the second pillar of mandatory private pension of Romania during May 2008 – November 2014.

The demographic issues confronted by the annuity framework in Romania and those identified with deficient assets to pay benefits represented the reasons that there were presented in 2007, private annuities, under another benefits framework based on three columns, state column and two private columns.

Evolution of participants enrolled in the Registry
Evolution of participants enrolled in the Registry


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BRAND: Pricing in Multi-Heston Framework

BRAND journal provides a very interesting article written by Tiberiu Socaciu from Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Faculty of Economics.

This article displays a definitive in determining an estimating system’s multi-Heston. Fundamentally, he utilizes the hypothesis Carr-Bakshi-Madan and a trademark capacity technique. In this first part, he incorporates arrangements of Riccati mathematical statements.



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