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February 2016
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BRAIN: Business Process Management – An Interesting Approach

In the latest volume of the BRAIN journal, Roberto Paiano, Adriana Caione, Anna Lisa Guido, Angelo Martella and Andrea Pandurino have come up with an interesting research on the Business Process Development, a traditional approach vs. a knowledge based approach.

Individuals these days have a tendency to get confused by various sources of data. These Italian researchers have thought of a bit of work in which they compare both sides of the Business Process Management.

Project Management System – Conceptual Model (Part 1 and 2)
Project Management System – Conceptual Model (Part 1 and 2)

The enterprise administration refers to a heterogeneous total of both assets and resources that should be facilitated and coordinated so as to achieve the objectives identified with the business mission. Impacts and powers that might affect this procedure, furthermore for that they ought to be considered, are not packed in the business environment, but rather they are identified with the whole operational setting of an organization.

Hence, business forms must be the most adaptable and flexible as for the progressions that occur inside of the entire operational setting of an organization. Considering the steady part that data frameworks play for Business Process Management – BPM, it is additionally vital to actualize a consistent, nonstop and quick mechanism for the information system arrangement regarding the development followed by business forms.

In particular, such mechanism must intervene on BPM systems in order to keep them aligned and compliant with respect to both the context changes and the regulations. In order to facilitate this alignment mechanism, companies are already referring to the support offered by specific solutions, such as knowledge bases. In this context, a possible solution might be the approach we propose, which is based on a specific framework called Process Management System. Our methodology implements a knowledge base support for business experts, which is not limited to the BPM operating phases, but includes also the engineering and prototyping activities of the corresponding information system.

Their paper plans to look at and assess a conventional BPM approach regarding the methodology they propose. Essentially, such examination expects to stress the absence of conventional technique particularly as for the arrangement between business procedures and data frameworks alongside their consistence with setting area and regulations.

The Business Process Management Traditional Approach: 
Business process management provides significant support for the identification and structuring of business processes with the purpose of optimizing the activities and workflow management.  But, traditional approach requires considerable effort in terms of modeling and development and especially it strongly depends on the knowledge offered by both the domain and legal experts, along the whole BPM lifecycle, but also during the support information system modeling and development.

The Process Management System Approach (The knowledge based approach) :
This approach is based on a specially designed and implemented framework called Process Management System (Caione et al., in press) starting from a specific methodology. This methodology involves a process management that consists of four main phases, as many as those that temporally characterize the process lifecycle, and which are respectively known as: Planning time, Design time, Situation Time and Run-Time. Each phase is characterized and supported by specific interactions with a knowledge base.

The results of their research may have an enormous positive impact in both the short and the long run of a business.

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Diana-Elena Melinte