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December 2015
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The Teacher’s Attitude and the Learning Process

speakers-414557_640It is known that in order to be a teacher, you are required a lot of mental training in this field. Whoever attempts to become part of the education system should take pedagogical courses, and they should earn a license or a master’s degree. Moreover, due to the complexity of this job, they should capitalize on their knowledge by passing some difficult exams (class inspections, tenure examination, teacher’s certification, etc.)

Thus, once they are part of the system, in addition to the amount of tasks that they have to carry out (classroom training, preparing numerous documents, etc.), as a teacher, they face unpredictable situations. The pupils’ performance in a certain subject, their family problems, the failure to adapt to the system of rules imposed by society give rise to situations which have to be attentively and professionally managed.

A problem of the Romanian education system is the teacher’s attitude in front of the pupils, the way in which he succeeds in being respected and appreciated by them. Theoretically, due to the position he has acquired as a result of a long period of training, respect should be the key element in the teacher-pupil relationship. The student’s attitude towards the teacher is often rude, but the teacher is the one who should make the pupil understand his role in the educational institution. Thus, the teacher can appeal directly to the students in order to be respected, without taking into account their opinions. The teacher forgets about the pupil’s rights, and with the help of his attitude, he will force the pupil to respect him, using verbal abuse, or giving low grades, lowering the conduct mark, or he can

school-79612_1280Parents and people who are dissatisfied with this unprofessional behavior, argue that pupils are intimidated during classes, they store information mechanically, and school becomes unattractive. However, the teacher can inform students about the rules they must comply within the institution, as well as about the appropriate attitude toward the teacher. School represents the starting point in shaping personal and professional life; thus, establishing certain limitations and constraints leads to the  integration of the child in society. These parameters in which the pupil’s behaviour should be included, ought to be accompanied by his rights, thus avoiding school abuses.

Respect should not be imposed, but won!

Raluca Marin