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BRAIN: Artificial Intelligence as a Decision-making Tool in Planning the Research

Because of their ability to reproduce the biological neural networks, ANNs (Artificial neural networks) have found uncountable applications to a wide range of disciplines. Simina Maris, Titus Slavici, Petre Nenu and Liliana Baciu will present in the latest volume of BRAIN journal an article about the usage of artificial intelligence, especially artificial neural networks (ANNs), in the development of an efficient research plan for studying the quality of finite products, in particular wood briquettes obtained from various biomass mixtures.

Their work is a response to the needs expressed by a private company (SC Andrei Slavici SRL) searching for innovation in the production of wood pellets and briquettes on the market of nonconventional bio-fuels.

Example of multilayer neural network (source: Samarasinghe, 2016)
Example of multilayer neural network (source: Samarasinghe, 2016)