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December 2019
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  • BRAIN: New Ideas for Brain ModellingBRAIN: New Ideas for Brain Modelling
    BRAIN is an academic journal willing to create links between specialists from clearly diverse exploratory fields, for example, Computer Science and Neurology. In fact, there is a considerable measure of subjects, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive …
  • BRAND: A Neuro Solution for Economic Diagnosis and Prediction
    The paper introduces an answer for the financial action advancement analytic and expectation by method for an arrangement of pointers. Beginning from the markers set, there is characterized a measure on the examples set, measure …
  • BRAIN: Sentiment Analysis on Embedded Systems Blended CoursesBRAIN: Sentiment Analysis on Embedded Systems Blended Courses
    The paper written by Răzvan Bogdan from the Department of Computers and Information Technology, Politehnica University of Timisoara, includes a presentation of a modality of integrating Embedded Systems Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) into blended …
  • Hello dear scholars!
    Academia EduSoft is a website for researchers, scholars, academic staff, and students.
  • LiBRI: The Play on Incarnation as Artistic Creation in Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’LiBRI: The Play on Incarnation as Artistic Creation in Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’
    In the latest volume of the LiBRI, Andreea Paris illustrates in the article “The Play on Incarnation as Artistic Creation in Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’” different modalities used by Ginsberg in the poem “Howl” to express …
  • BRAIN: Novel Detection Features for SSVEP Based BCI: Coefficient of Variation and Variation Speed
    In neurology and neuroscience research, Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential (SSVEP) are brain signals which occur in response to visual stimulation. The paper Novel Detection Features for SSVEP Based BCI: Coefficient of Variation and Variation Speed – written …
  • BRAND: English Shop Signs and Brand NamesBRAND: English Shop Signs and Brand Names
    In the most recent volume of the BRAND journal, the researchers Parvaneh Khosravizadeh and Hemaseh Bagheri Sanjareh have brought another intriguing study that spotlights on the English shop signs and brand names and how they spreaded …
  • BRAIN: Social Media in Science EducationBRAIN: Social Media in Science Education
    The latest volume of the BRAIN Journal has a new intriguing research on Training Teachers for the Knowledge Society: Social Media in Science Education  offered by Dana Crăciun and Mădălin Bunoiu from West University of …
  • LiBRI: On Studying Teacher’s Self EsteemLiBRI: On Studying Teacher’s Self Esteem
    Baghli Asmaa is bringing to light a new discussion in LiBRI journal: On Studying Teacher’s Self Esteem Based on Revised Janis Scale Application. An actual and controversial research that brings out some intensely sought answers …
  • BRAND: Eye on China and United StatesBRAND: Eye on China and United States
    The latest volume of the BRAND. journal presents a new study developed by Milad Mahyari and Minoo Alemi, who analysed an eventual economical conflict between China and the United States of America. United States endeavors …
  • BRAIN : A Synoptic of Software Implementation for Shift Registers Based on 16th Degree Primitive Polynomials
    BRAIN journal has recently published a research paper A Synoptic Of Software Implementation For Shift Registers Based On 16th Degree Primitive Polynomials developed by Mirella Amelia Mioc from Suceava, Romania. All of the significant applications in …
  • BRAIN: Social Media as Medical Validator
    The electronic word of mouth (eWOM) is a communication form adapted to the digitalized world of today where persons that never met communicate in an impersonal manner. The paper Social Media as Medical Validator written …


Books written by us, published by international companies

Books written by Bogdan Patrut and Monica Patrut as main authors or co-authors, published by international companies


“Educational PowerPoint Presentations: Custom Animations: Custom Animations, VBA Programming, Ms Agent, and Lego Mindstorms” by Monica Patrut and Bogdan Patrut, in “Akademische Verlagsgemeinschaft München”, an imprint of Martin Meidenbauer Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86306-700-7. Click on the image to see it on Amazon.de.

carte5We developed with VBA some interactive presentations as suggestions for teachers and educators. Other presentations are addressed to the psychologists, who wish to realize personality or IQ tests, or artificial therapists. Also, some chapters present the way you could realize visual and auditory acuity tests, fill-in exercises, and map exercises. A special chapter shows how to use Microsoft Agent animated characters to bring to life your presentations. The last chapter brings PowerPoint from the virtual world of the screen to the real one of robots, presenting how to write programs in PowerPoint to control the Lego Mindstorms kit of robots.

“Algorithm Design Paradigms: Theory, Practice, and Educational Aspects”, Akademische Verlagsgemeinschaft München (an imprint of Martin Meidenbauer Verlag), ISBN 978-3-86306-667-3: Click on the image to see it on Amazon.de.

carte20The goal of the book is to review some important classes of algorithms (Backtracking, Recursion, Divide and conquer, Greedy). The book has been written having in mind the educational process. Once having understood a method of solving a class of problems, the student must move on to the writing of the algorithm. This must not be solved from memory, but on the contrary, the student himself must think how the algorithm should be implemented. The student must write what conditions or restrictions customize one general algorithm, in order to adapt it to a particular problem or to find a solution.

“Intelligent Agents in Distributed Monitoring Systems. Theory and Implementation” by Bogdan Patrut, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8383-9735-1. Click on the image to see it on Amazon.com.

carte6Can documentation services be automatized within online electronic resources? Can searches using search engines be automatized? Can online linguistic resources be automatically used? To what extent can distributed work, distributed team research be automatized? or How can we organize agents within a “virtual teacher”? How can we endow a “virtual teacher” with feelings or temperament? How can we extract pragmatic information from different texts? How can we more effectively represent certain notions from a given field? This book will answer such questions by creating a theoretical tool and implementing it as architectures of multi-agent systems.

“Interactive Education in Accounting. A Multi-agent Solution” by Bogdan Patrut, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN-13 : 978-3-8433-5751-7. Click on the image to see it on Amazon.com.

Icarte11n this book is presented the architecture of an intelligent system for teaching and checking of the acquisition of certain accounting competences. After presenting several didactic aspects of accounting education and the way in which computer assisted training can be used in learning accounting, we have reviewed the main concepts related to intelligent agents, pedagogic agents and multi-agent systems. The agents are grouped into subsystems. Each subsystem deals with one learning unit.

“New Mathematical Methods for Analyzing Political Discourse: Functions and Graphs for Political Speeches” by Bogdan Patrut and Monica Patrut, VDM Verlag, ISBN 978-3639299724. Click on the image to see it on Amazon.com.

carte4Our research aims at designing new and original methodological tools to facilitate a thorough and impartial analysis of any electoral campaign for local elections. We introduce the concepts of accord between political discourses, from three perspectives: themes, solutions, and political values. Also, we use graph theory for analysing political discourses. Some problems (like minimal spanning tree or Hamiltonian cycle) will help us analyse the political discourse. Also, graph theory can be a useful mathematical tool in analysing the electoral platforms or political discourses, highlighting nuclei of interest and links between topics.

carte10“Dynamic Data Structures: Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Trees” by Bogdan Patrut and Tiberiu Socaciu, Lehrbuchverlag, Germany, ISBN-13: 978-3841760043. Click on the image to see it on Amazon.com.

The purpose of this book is: a) to make students understand the difference between static and dynamic variables, and the role of the pointer variables; b) to point out the advantages of the dynamic allocation; c) to present the different types of data structures dynamically linked (stack, queue, double-linked list, circular list, binary tree); and d) to identify the optimally solvable problems, using different types of dynamic structures. Also, some basic operations and many code samples will be presented.

“Natural Language Processing: Syntactic Analysis, Lexical Disambiguation, Logical Formalisms, Discourse Theory, Bivalent Verbs” by Bogdan Patrut & Ioana Boghian, AVM, Munchen, Germany, 2012, ISBN 9783869242071.


To obtain results in automatically treating natural languages, these will often be approached as formal languages although natural languages are a lot more complex. In this book the main problems related to the semantics of natural language are reviewed. Also, the book presents various topics such as: the stages of communication in natural language, formal grammars for syntactic analysis, an idea for syntactic analysis based on morphological features of the language, types of ambiguity, lexical disambiguation algorithms, Wordnet and a library for accessing Wordnet by programmers, a Delphi implementation of a parser using CKY algorithm, logical formalisms for the semantics of natural language, discourse theory, conceptual dependency theory, bivalent verbs and pragmatics related problems. Some original results and studies about the Romanian language are included. The book contains some source codes and algorithms.


“Promotion des acteurs politiques dans une campagne électorale locale: Étude de cas: Bacau, Roumanie, 2004”, Akademische Verlagsgemeinschaft München,  2011, ISBN-13: 978-3869240817

carte_monicaLe but de notre recherche est d’analyser comment sont présentés tous les acteurs politiques impliqués dans les élections locales de la ville de Bacau de l’année 2004. À cette fin, nous pouvons ajouter aussi la nécessité de concevoir des outils méthodologiques qui facilitent une analyse approfondie et impartiale de toute campagne électorale locale. S’appuyant sur l’hypothèse de R.G. Schwartzenberg sur le spectacle politique et sa présence de plus en plus croissante dans les pays démocratiques, nous avons présenté la campagne des élections locales comme un spectacle qui est à même de mobiliser sur sa scène des acteurs politiques qui jouent des rôles devant leur public électeur.

“Jeux et autres applications en Delphi: Jeux d’adresse, de perspicacité et de logique, test à choix multiple et représentation graphique des surfaces” by Bogdan Patrut (French, traduction: Georgeta Marinescu), ISBN 978-613-1-55580-0, “Éditions universitaires européennes”; click here to see it on Amazon.fr;

L’carte18interface de l’application est facilement mise en oeuvre en Delphi, mais la conception du code comporte plus de difficultés de la part du programmeur, car cela implique la conception et la mise en oeuvre, en langage Object Pascal, des algorithmes efficaces pour les problèmes en cause. Ce livre est une collection d’applications dans l’environnement de programmation visuelle Delphi, développé et commercialisé par la société Borland (Inprise, Embarcadero). Les applications faisant partie du présent ouvrage traitent essentiellement de la question de jeux d’adresse, de perspicacité et de logique, un chapitre traitant des tests à choix multiple et un autre s’occupant de la représentation graphique des surfaces.

“Chapitres de recherche opérationnelle: Modèles mathématiques et algorithmes pour optimiser l’activité économique” by Bogdan Patrut and Cosmin Ion Tomozei, in VDM Verlag, ISBN 978-3-639-31708-4.

carte8Ce livre présente les opportunités devant lesquelles se trouve un manager en vue de l’optimisation du processus de production. Elles sont envisagées de la perspective économique, mathématique et algorithmique des problèmes de programmation linéaire et de la théorie des graphes, de la programmation dynamique et de l’ordonnancement d’atelier. Les algorithmes décrits ont été implémentés en langage BASIC. Le livre s’adresse aux managers et aux étudiants des facultés d’économie.

 “Programmation linéaire pour la gestion des entreprises. Applications en Management Scientist”, Éditions universitaires européennes, ISBN 978-613-1-54920-5.

carte17À la question si les mathématiques peuvent ou non aider à la prise de décision, la réponse est oui. Premièrement, parce qu’il y a des méthodes mathématiques qui peuvent faciliter le travail des décideurs et d’autre part parce que l’on peut ainsi simuler certaines applications pratiques. La recherche opérationnelle peut être brièvement définie en tant que matière de l’utilisation des décisions à l’aide de la modélisation mathématique. Elle est caractérisée, principalement, par le processus de fabrication des maquettes, en général mathématisées, qui décrivent les processus économiques au compte desquels il faudra prendre les décisions les plus favorables. Ce livre est une introduction à la programmation linéaire. Les exemples sont en “Management Scientist”.

“Dérivés financiers: Algorithmes parallèles pour une évaluation efficace” by Tiberiu Socaciu & Bogdan Patrut, ISBN-13: 978-3838188034.

carte9Le livre se présente comme une continuation de l’ouvrage « Financial Engineering» publié par AV Akademikerverlag où sont présentées des techniques de parallélisation des méthodes numériques d’évaluation des options financières. Le livre est divisé en 3 parties: la première partie résume les éléments de calcul parallèle, la seconde présente des algorithmes parallèles pour l’évaluation des dérivées financières en utilisant des simulations Monte Carlo et la troisième partie présente des algorithmes parallèles pour l’évaluation des dérivées financières par la résolution numérique de certaines équations différentielles aux dérivées partielles de type Black-Scholes et Merton-Garman.


carte12“Programation con Dephi” by Bogdan Patrut

Este libro es una colección de aplicaciones desarrolladas en los entorno de programación visual Delphi. El entorno de programación Delphi permite la elaboración de programas que se ejecutan en Windows, con interfaces web estilo Windows. Las interfaces de las aplicaciones están fáciles de implementar, pero el diseño y el desarrollo de unas aplicaciones inteligentes y poderosas no se pueden conseguir sin un esfuerzo de pensamiento por parte del programador. Esto implica el diseño y la implementación en el lenguaje Object Pascal de algoritmos eficientes para resolver las cuestiones planteadas.

carte15“Introduccion Al Mundo de La Programacion En Visual Basic” by Bogdan Patrut

Este libro es una guía práctica para Visual Basic y contiene una colección de aplicaciones desarrolladas en este entorno de programación. El entorno de programación Visual Basic permite la elaboración de programas que se ejecutan en Windows, con interfaces web estilo Windows, basado en el lenguaje de programación Basic, que es muy fácil de aprender. CONTENIDO: Iniciación en el entorno de programación Visual Basic, Botones de opción y cajas de texto, Cajas de verificación, Vectores de control, Listas y propiedades de los vectores, Métodos para las listas, Un juego con imágenes y cronómetros, Las tablas, Gráficos, Archivos texto – guardar y recuperar los datos, Ordenar los datos de la tabla, Aplicaciones (Calculadora de bolsillo, Biorritmo, Juegos (La caza de aves y Tetris)).

“El Exito Con DOS Entornos de Desarrollo Para Windows” by Bogdan Patrut, Tiberiu Socaciu, and Anamaria Siclovan

carte13Este libro está dirigido a los programadores que tienen conocimientos minimos de programación orientada a objetos en Visual Basic y Delphi. Sin embargo, incluso los programadores acostumbrados con los entornos de programación más simples pueden aprender fácilmente la programación visual en Delphi o Visual Basic, a partir de ejemplos como los de este libro. Los ejemplos de aplicaciones presentadas en este libro son diferentes por las temáticas tratadas. Hemos intentado cubrir un número suficiente de situaciones con que cualquier programador se encontraría cuando desearía desarrollar un programa más complejo en Visual Basic o Delphi.


“Financial Engineering: Numerische Methoden für die Bewertung finanziellen Möglichkeiten mit stochastischen Modellen” by Tiberiu Socaciu and Bogdan Patrut, ISBN 978-3639388442

carte3In diesem Buch stellten wir die wichtigsten statistischen und stochastischen Volatilitätsmodelle vor sowie Erweiterungen und Verallgemeinerungen dieser Modelle. Ausgegangen von den Modellen oder Gleichungen mit partiellen Ableitungen die den Wert einer Finanz Option beschreiben, haben wir numerische Methoden presentiert die die Finanz Optionen bewerten. a) Lösung der Gleichungen vom Typ Black-Scholes und Merton-Garman durch expliziten Formeln, wenn diese Formeln existieren. b) Simulationen der Flugbahnen und Bewertung der Optionen mit Monte Carlo Methoden; c) Verwendung numerischer Methoden (Finite Differenzen Methode in diesem Fall) um die Black-Scholes und Merton-Garman Gleichungen zu lösen; d) Verwendung latizialer Methoden (Binomialen, Trinomialen, Multinomialen Methoden) für die Bewertung der Finanz Optionen (in dieser Arbeit nicht behandelt, das Argument findet man in den Erläuterungen der Tabelle unten).


“Создание современных приложений PowerPoint с использованием VBA Психологические тесты, интеллектуальные тесты, проверочные тесты с множественным выбором, MsAgent и Lego MindStorms”, Palmarium Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3-8473-9117-3

carte_rusaVisual Basic для приложений преобразует PowerPoint в очень мощную среду для разработки приложений. Некоторые приложения этой книги подскажут воспитателям и учителям как реализовать на компьютере программы более выраженного образовательного характера. Другие приложения адресованы психологам, которые хотят разработать компьютеризированные личностные или интеллектуальные тесты. Психологи и школьные консультанты увидят, что больше нет необходимости обращаться к специалисту в области информатики, чтобы тот разработал для них подобную программу, или много тратить на специализированные продукты. Таким образом, данная книга предназначена преподавателям, воспитателям и учителям, психологам, школьным консультантам, врачам, социальным работникам, а также детям, ученикам, студентам, специалистам в области информатики и, не в последнюю очередь, Вам.