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BRAND: A Study of Principled Negotiation Based on the Chinese Harmony Thought

In the latest volume of the BRAND, Shougang Zhang and Milan Constantinovits shows the importance of international negotiation in the process of globalisation.

Cultural diversity has determined many failures in different domains, especially when it comes to negotiation. Influenced by climatic, geographical or historical factors the Western civilisation had a different course of history – concerning marketing concepts – in contrast to the Asian one. Even so, there are four techniques to obtain a positive answer in most of the situations, regardless of the geographical position. (more…)

LiBRI: “A Splendid Isolation?” The Rise of a Concept in Victorian Identity

Mihai Vişoiu from the University of Bucharest develops a study upon the phase that the Victorian society went through, entitled by the press: ‘splendid isolation’.

The article: A Splendid Isolation? The Rise of a Concept in Victorian Identity seeks to explain the concept in the account to the historical and geographical context of Great Britain. The author provides the necessary background to analyse closely the impact of political solitude that Great Britain has surpassed in the nineteenth century, by defining specific concepts such as: ‘conceptual history’ or history of ideas.

The sociological implication of the semantic concepts describing communities bears meanings which are tightly related to the national attitude towards an object, phenomenon or feeling. For example, the pair is given by Koselleck ‘Helene’ (Greek civilisation) -‘Barbarian’ does not represent the fact that all the inhabitants outside Greek realms were uncivilised nomad people. By contrast, the semantic range of the word ‘Barbarian’ is wider, whereas ‘Helene’ bears a specific temporal and geographical meaning; evolution of language and of the semantic aspect is moulded by the sociological and historical context.