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September 2016
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LiBRI: Freedom – a Way of Surviving in the Novel Everything Flows

PhD Alina Sora from University of Bucharest, brings into the light the concept of freedom, as a way of surviving in the Vasily Grossman novel Everything Flows.

Everything Flows by Vasily Grossman
Everything Flows by Vasily Grossman

The present study concentrates in transit in which an extraordinary humanist, the Russian author Vasily Grossman, succeeds in comprehension ‘his century’, the century of the totalitarian administrations which prevented and smothered one from claiming the most essential human qualities: freedom.

In his novel Everything Flows, Grossman focuses on the possibility that life can’t exist without “opportunity and benevolence”. The nonappearance of these two key qualities made those impossible human tragedies conceivable.

The estimation of an essayist is judged by the way in which he covers the intense issues of mankind, by the way in which he figures out how to inspire certain parts of existence with gravity, expressivness and feeling. Vasily Grossman is such a creator, with awesome ability he expounded on one of the darkest times of European history: Nazism and Stalinism.

The present paper intends to offer an outline of the path in which this incredible humanist, the Russian author Vasily Grossman, succeeds in understanding “his century”, the century of the totalitarian administrations which prevented and smothered one from claiming the most vital human qualities: freedom.

In his novel Everything Flows, Grossman focuses on the possibility that life can’t exist without “flexibility and benevolence”. The nonattendance of these two key qualities made those impossible human tragedies conceivable.

By method for conclusion, utilizing Vasily Grossman’s Everything Flows, the paper concentrates on a frightening period in the late history which disfigured predeterminations, dehumanized, executed, broke the major right of people to freedom, the privilege to settle on their own destiny.

In the present study I have likewise centered around the way individuals discover “arrangements” keeping in mind the end goal to survive.

“Freedom is life itself” – this is Grossman’s ‘answer’, his significant message communicated in an extremely clear manner: life can’t exist without freedom and graciousness this is the way to our existence, this is the very ‘mankind of humankind’. Vasily Grossman remains an awesome humanist, he doesn’t share Dostoyevsky’s perfect picture concerning Russia’s main goal on the planet, however he shows the same dostoyevskian sort of warmth for the oppresed individual, for al individuals whose endless predetermination on this Earth remains…a mistery.

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Diana Elena Melinte