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March 2016
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BRAIN: Intelligent System for Diagnosis of a Three-Phase Separator

Wise frameworks for analysis have been utilized as a part of an assortment of spaces: budgetary assessment, credit scoring issue, distinguishing proof of programming and equipment issues of mechanical and electronic hardware, therapeutic determination, shortcoming identification in gas-oil generation plants and so forth. The objective of determination frameworks is to order the watched side effects as being brought about by some finding class while prompting frameworks perform such a characterization and offer restorative cures (suggestions).

The present paper examine the chance to consolidate more smart procedures and techniques (shrewd operators, information mining and master frameworks) to build the exactness of results acquired from the finding of a three-stage separator. The outcomes demonstrate that the analysis half breed framework profits by the benefits of every module part: wise operators module, information mining module and master framework module.

DiagAgentExpertDM architecture
DiagAgentExpertDM architecture

The day by day operations of an oil and gas creation framework require numerous choices, at various levels of association and making satisfactory choice is a troublesome assignment as a result of the monetary and natural dangers event if strange circumstances are not distinguished and oversaw suitably.

Building an analysis framework requires numerous years of involvement in area, a merge group of specialists (designers, administrators, engineers and so on.) and a critical volume of information for usage and testing period of the framework, disconnected from the net reenactments.
An analysis framework is one that is equipped for examining so as to distinguish the way of an issue the watched indications (the information of the framework) and to deliver a conclusion report with or without a clarification or avocation (the yield of the framework). In numerous utilizations of interest it is attractive for the framework and very important, to not just distinguish the conceivable reasons for the issue additionally to offer suitable arrangements (proposals) to remediate the irregularities that happened.

Distinguishing the reasonable justification related to a deficiency is performed in light of the satisfactory learning of the investigated area. The fundamental information might be spoken to in a standard structure (i.e. demonstrative principles for master frameworks) into the framework by space specialists (heuristic learning). In other case, machine learning strategies are utilized for computerized information securing.

The creators proposed a half breed conclusion framework utilized as a part of oil industry (DiagAgentExpertDM), as an aftereffect of their examination work with respect to the application on insightful methods in mechanical field (Ioniță and Ionită, 2013, Ioniță, 2014, Ioniță and Ioniță, 2015). The information utilized for preparing and testing the framework were gathered from a gas-oil partition plant (GOSP). The undertaking of information mining (DM) part is to give the best order model (as choice tree model).

The expert system uses the induction rules acquired from the DM component and gives an evaluation report regarding the functioning of a gas-oil separator, as a group of three attributes: alarm, cause, solution.

The yield of master framework is handled by Diagnosis Agent which speaks with Operator Agent (the fundamental specialists from the multi-specialists framework GOSP-MAS (Ioniță, 2014)).The determination I. Ioniţă, L. Ioniţă – Intelligent System for Diagnosis of a Three-Phase Separator19 framework DiagAgentExpertDM have the most imperative elements of each “canny” part: versatile gaining from operators, learning from master framework module and prescient conduct from information mining segment.

After a short description of the diagnosis problem and the motivation of the authoress in choosing this subject (in introduction), section 2 of this paper discusses about various approaches to the design of intelligent diagnosis systems, emphasizing their strengths and limitations.

This investigation additionally recommends fascinating potential outcomes for cross breed procedures that consolidate distinctive methodologies (clever specialists, information mining and master framework), the proposed finding framework for a three-stage separator being displayed in section 3 of the article. Section 4 contains the outcomes and the comments, lastly, conclusions with respect to the exploration work are specified.

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Diana-Elena Melinte