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Why Are There So Few Women in IT?

adult-15745_1280The world of technology has always been dominated by men, and it is reported a continuous decrease in women working in this field, despite the numerous campaigns to encourage them to enter the IT field.

Belinda Parmer, founder of the campaigning agency “Lady Geek”, used for the consultancy of big corporations such as Sony and Vodafone, comes with a solution to this problem. In the Miss Little Geek book she includes the drawbacks faced by women working in this field. The author is targeted at the employers, the government, and the parents, believing that women should be permanently encouraged to choose the job they wish for, without the problem of overcoming the limitations imposed by society. No job should be divided by gender, as long as it does not involve physical force, but intelligence and skills. In her book, Parmer demonstrates the beneficial contribution of women in the IT field, stating real facts: according to studies conducted by specialists, the companies whose management teams include women recorded a 34% higher financial gain.


The Teacher’s Attitude and the Learning Process

speakers-414557_640It is known that in order to be a teacher, you are required a lot of mental training in this field. Whoever attempts to become part of the education system should take pedagogical courses, and they should earn a license or a master’s degree. Moreover, due to the complexity of this job, they should capitalize on their knowledge by passing some difficult exams (class inspections, tenure examination, teacher’s certification, etc.)

Thus, once they are part of the system, in addition to the amount of tasks that they have to carry out (classroom training, preparing numerous documents, etc.), as a teacher, they face unpredictable situations. The pupils’ performance in a certain subject, their family problems, the failure to adapt to the system of rules imposed by society give rise to situations which have to be attentively and professionally managed. (more…)

Women and Girls in STEM

STEM education has become more and more important, and it is required for an interconnected global economy. The acronym refers to a range of academic disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, meant to bring a significant and beneficial contribution to the training offered by the education system in these fields. They provide workforce development, shaping the students’ vision according to the market requirements. We should mention the STEM initiative proposed by Georgette Yakman, the one who has introduced art among these disciplines, believing that there is a connexion between them, complying with the global socio-economic system.